Ever since growing up a little Nintendo nerd playing Zelda all hours into the day I love me a good quest. Recently I was thinking about reworking my sacred heart earrings. I love those things and want to make more than one pair. I started thinking about the heart beads I use in them and wondered how many I had. I took a look at my inventory...about 4 free ones and two already made pairs of other designs that I can deconstruct. Then I thought “I wonder who makes those beads?” and then proceeded to hunt them down. My exhaustive search wielded three places. An Etsy seller, firemountaingems.com and ebay. I checked out firemountain because they’re huge purveyor of anything jewelry related. Of course they’ll have the beads right? Yes and no. I was so excited to see the heart bead show up in the clearance section but they only had then in ugly avocado green. Anyone who knows me knows I HATE green. Check out my products...there’s no green. See? I even sent FMG an email to find out the vendor of those beads or see if maybe maaaayyyyybeeee they had like some random OTHER colors in a grab bag of stuff they want to get rid of. On the plus side they responded. The negative- they had no good news for me. 

So over to Etsy. I had never utilized Etsy for craft supply purposes and it’s a great idea actually. I should unload some of my unused stuff like oh say GREEN beads on there. Anywho, one seller out of the bazillion sellers on Etsy had the red heart beads!!! Initially I was going to buy only the red but then I saw these lovely, gorgeous, never before seen fuchsia heart beads there too. ADD TO CART. The more I looked at them the more plans I made for those and not the red. These beads were so unique and so discontinued that I even bought the purple she had too. Yoink! All mine. Can’t wait. Planning projects. Guess what? I get a message that she can’t find the fuchsia ones and would I like a refund? My heart sank. Did I imprint energy so strong on those beads that they blew up and became one with the universe? Why the pink?????? Oh well. So I keep searching and planning cross country road trips to every bead store in america to find the fuchsia heart beads. I need to learn to let these things go. 


Sacred heart earring


Give Credit Where Credit is Due

There's someone in my past that got me into beading. It's actually quite a cool and positive thing to come from a situation that didn't work out. My ex-husband is who I credit with introducing me to the awesome world of beading. He didn't send me to a class or teach me some technique though. He bought me these incredible earrings on our honeymoon in Los Angeles. We were staying at a pretty spiffy hotel and they had a gift shop. I vaguely remember looking in a glass case and ooo-ing and ah-ing but I didn't tell him I wanted anything. Later on he surprised me with a gift and they were these hot pink beaded Miguel Ases earrings. I had never seen anything like them! They have a sort of boho/Moroccan look to them and they sparked the fire that keeps me making jewelry today. So thank you so much dude for bringing that joy into my life and I hope something or someone has done the same for you!